DCPharm has been providing high-quality, revolutionary products to pharmacies and childcare stores since 2010.

A privileged location

Located in Olesa de Montserrat, our offices and warehouses are 20 minutes from the port and airport of the city of Barcelona.


Our key points

Financial capability

With the generation of resources itself and the financing capacity of our banking pool, it allows us balanced growth in the short and medium term and has a solid base for its long-term growth.

Professional structure

We have our own seller network with 54 sellers between Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

Distribution to large accounts

In addition to distributing our products to pharmacies, parapharmacies, childcare stores, websites... We are also official distributors of large accounts.

Marketing actions

We attend the most important fairs and conferences. We collaborate with our clients and focus on the presence of our products on all social networks.

Our warehouses

With a total of 1,200 meters and 3 storage warehouses, DCPharm spaces are equipped with technology and inventory management systems to ensure fluid and efficient operation.


And much more...

DCPharm offers more than 5000 product references and hundreds of brands.

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